Applied Mechanics Research Center



   The Applied Mechanics Research Center (AMRC) is a structure housing multidisciplinary research teams of many researchers. Researchers participating in AMRC are mainly composed of teaching staff of multiple faculties, doctoral researchers, and post-graduate students. Visiting researchers includes domestic and international researchers in related fields. AMRC can be regarded as an expert group in the following field.


Covering almost all special fields required in the applied mechanics and computational mechanics research, including:

  • Structural analysis,

  • Fluid analysis,

  • Fracture analysis,

  • Inverse problems,

  • Optimization,

  • Large-scale parallel computation,

  • Creep damage,

  • Composites and multiphase materials,

  • Micromechanics,

  • Stability vibrations and dynamic structure,

  • Wave propagation,

  • Robotics,

  • Friction and wear,

  • Identification,

  • Smart material,

  • Mechanics of rigid bodies,

  • and Visualization.


Our center aims to accelerate development and innovation in these aspects via world-wide collaboration with researchers, engineers and professionals. Critical thinking and multidisciplinary work are in the core of our values.




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